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Eco-friendly & See Pricing to Virus and Bacterial Control Services Chennai near you with safe chemical and best protection.

As the global effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to evolve, Easy Pest Control Chennai firmly committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees.


  • School & College
  • Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • IT Offices
  • Apartment
  • Flats
  • Shops
  • Theatre
  • Mall
  • Warehouse
  • Hospital
  • Car & Bus Travels
  • Health department
  • Showroom
  • Bank
  • Commercial Complex

Disinfection Services in Chennai, we at Easy Pest Control are dedicated to cater all your needs in this genre. We are the leading disinfection company in Chennai to design the best fit for both your residential and commercial disinfectant Service requirements in Chennai.

An infected area bears a big risk of fungal, bacterial or viral outbreak. At Easy Pest Control, we always assist you to get your place disinfected properly with our comprehensive Disinfection Services in Chennai.

Designed For Surface Disinfection:

Kills viruses and bacteria through safe chemicals and methods. Healthcare institutions such ashospitals and nursing homes and pharmaceutical units, food processing and related industrial units, all mandate a high level of aerial and surface disinfection. Constant attention is required to maintain clean, microbe-free surroundings. This poses a serious threat, as these areas are potential reservoirs for microorganisms, a constant source of infection and contamination.

Facts About Disinfection:

  • Kills wide spectrum of contaminants such as bacteria, viruses (including HIV and Hepatitis B), fungi and spores as well.
  • Safe, non-irritating fog posing no hazard.
  • No damage to clothes, plastic, rubber, metal or electrical fittings.
  • Whole operation can be completed in 6 to 7 hours, and It depends on Area compared to conventional methods that require 24 hours.

This service will ensure protection from topical and airborne microbes.

Procedure of Treatment:

  • Volume of the area to be treated to be calculated ( L * W * H )
  • Surface area to be treated to be calculated ( L * W )
  • Pre – Treated air sampling , Swabbing is advised and should be taken from most inaccessible area and to be sent to the microbilogical laboratories to know the microbial load.

Surface Disinfection:

  • Before treatment the targeted area should be cleaned and make dust free
  • All the outlets and ducts must be properly cleaned before treatment.
  • Prescribed disinfectant to be sprayed on the floor and walls.

Disinfection of Air:

  • Surface disinfection is follwed with misting only with ULV and Spraye.
  • This machine gives a very fine mist that even penetrates cracks of surfaces ensuring a safe & Sterile environment.
  • Required Quantity of prescribed disfectant to be poured in a Nebulator/Sprayer and ULV Sprayer to cover the target area i.e Airbrone microbes.
  • After Completion of this operation the trated zone must be kept closed for 2 to 4 hrs.
  • Treated areas shall be declared by displaying the placard saying ” TREATED AREA – DO NOT ENTER “

Re – Occupying Premises:

  • After 2 or 4 Hour is ready to occupy but if want enter immidiatly open the doors for ventilation .

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